You're Worth Feeling   Well



Dr. Heather Robinson is a Naturopathic Doctor in Kitchener with a focus primarily on: 

  • Anxiety, low energy and stress management

  • Skin health

  • Hormone imbalances including PCOS, painful and irregular periods

  • Healthy aging: facial rejuvenation & cosmetic acupuncture, cognitive decline & pain

  • Adolescent, young adult and student health: adjusted fees

Her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Ottawa fostered her passion for addressing mental health while her postgraduate studies and life experiences have highlighted how inseparable mental health is from physical health. Dr. Robinson has additional training in holistic counselling and is continually pursuing further education to ensure she can help you best.  Whatever your concern, she is here to listen, learn and provide you with quality care. 

"It is time to take action to optimize your health and address those lingering concerns that either you or someone else have deemed 'unimportant'. It is all important because you are worth feeling well."

Free 15 Minute meet & greet

We will have a cup of tea, chat about your needs and discuss how I can help you reach your goals.


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Lifewatchers @ goodness me waterloo
6:30-8 Every MOnday from SEPT 24- NOV 19

This 8 week program gives you the foundations to understand how to best support your body, not just in weight loss, but in every facet of health. You will be provided with recipes, snacks, and a teacher (myself) to help you through the material. We cover protein, fat, carbs, stress, hormones and much more!

Mondays Sept 24- Nov 19 @ 8:30
668 Erb St. Waterloo, ON


Optimizing Performance @ movati

Ever wonder how to get the most from your workouts and nutrition? While the foundations are essential, there is much more to health than food and exercise (although, don’t get me wrong, those MUST be there). This workshop will cover how to optimize performance and your health through considering other aspects of health.

October 23rd @ TBD
405 The Boardwalk, Waterloo, ON


graceful ageing @ the spinal garage

Join me for this foundational seminar covering everything related to healthy ageing including cognition, hormones and skin.


September 19th @ 6:30-8
1615 Highland Rd W, Kitchener, ON