A b o u t   N a t u r o p a t h i c   M e d i c i n e


Naturopathic medicine is not just defined by the tools we use; it is also the philosophy of how we practice.  It’s widely known that naturopathy uses a ‘natural’ approach to treatment, but what does that really mean? 
Evidence-based approaches to treat the whole person.
We work with your body to achieve your goals with traditional medicines.


We have the luxury of time in our profession which allows us to get a picture of who a person is.  This enables us to work with the body to encourage and support it’s innate ability to heal.  Because believe it or not, our body is often able to heal; it just needs a gentle nudge in the right direction. The tools we use such as botanical medicine or acupuncture facilitate this healing.  We can also bridge the effects of the mental on the physical and vice versa because of our holistic perspective, creating a unique opportunity for treatment. 

Our therapies are evidence-based and we highly value research in our decisions for treatment. All of this really means, I provide quality care with traditional medicines that have the evidence to support it. Best of both worlds.